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Welcome to Echo Barrier, revolutionizing the design and use of acoustic barriers, acoustic fencing, noise barrier fencing and noise reduction curtains across the world.

Sound Barrier Walls from Echo Barrier Canada

If you need to reduce the amount of unwanted noise at construction sites, live events, rail works or highways & maintenance speak to Echo Barrier Canada today for a free quotation. We have a long service record of helping government agencies, companies and the outdoor events across Canada.


Pioneers in Noise Reduction Fencing

We are pioneers in noise reduction technology, leading the way through innovation and expertise and constantly evolving to meet an ever changing market.

Noise Control Barriers For:

Rail Noise Barriers

Find out more about our rail noise barriers which can be installed simply and quickly to help reduce the amount of noise from rail construction and maintenance works. Our noise barriers are suitable for  all rail works applications and can reduce noise levels by as much as 30dB. For more information on how Echo Barrier technology can help your organization contact us today.

Road Noise Barriers

For almost three decades Echo Barrier has been helping contractors and highway agencies to reduce noise levels with our patented designed acoustic sound barriers. Our sound barrier solutions are available for purchase or long or short term hire across Canada. To learn more about our products contact us today.

Event Sound Barriers

Do you have noise issue concerns for a music festival or live outdoor event? Echo Barrier can help with our easy to install and environmentally sound acoustic fencing barriers. For more information to see how we can help your event click here.

Construction Barriers

If you require a cost effective solution for construction noise reduction contact Echo Barrier today. We’ve been serving the construction industry for 30 years and our easy to install acoustic barrier technology is available for purchase or hire.

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