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Road Noise Barriers

Road noise barriers from echo barrier acoustic barriersRoadworks and road maintenance often create a considerable amount of noise, debris and dust. However, both can be substantially reduced by installing temporary Echo Barrier sound absorbing panels around the work area to mitigate the noise and minimise the spread of dust and therefore the impact on passers-by.

Highway Noise Barriers for Hire or Purchase

We have very extensive experience in helping highways contractors to meet their environmental noise obligations.

The importance of road noise and how to reduce your acoustic footprint

We are acutely aware of the importance of noise from road projects.  We are also aware of the practical requirements for acoustic barriers on site where you need flexible, lightweight and waterproof units that are easy to transport, handle, and are fast to install for the duration of a project along extensive stretches of carriageway.

Noise Reduction Experts

We pride ourselves on being able to advise specifiers and contractors on the best use of our noise control systems for each project, and will visit the location of your works to suggest the most appropriate materials and deployment strategy.

Canada’s #1 noise reduction specialists

With Echo Barrier, you can be sure that you are maximising the opportunity to extend working hours into the evening to reduce costs. Our noise reduction technology means that you will often be able to complete your project more rapidly - to the greater satisfaction of those comissioning the work and those benefiting from the new roadway.

As well as extending working hours and reducing noise from roadworks, the design of our Echo Barrier H-Series Acoustic Barriers also means they successfully help to reduce dust and debris spilling out from the project site – improving the environment and safety of passing vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Should the contractor wish to add a corporate identity to the temporary acoustic barriers and benefit from marketing while traffic passes the site, this is an option that we have made available for additional benefit.

Whether it’s a state highway your project centres on, a major freeway or a significant city development, we have the consultants and the noise control technology to ensure it runs smoothly.  Call your local Echo Barrier office today on + 1 (800) 728 9098 or email us for more information about our noise barriers, or to hire or make a purchase of these for your next project.

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