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Local Authorities

CAcouncilWhen specifying or procuring for a construction works project within a community site, whether it affects local residents, shoppers or commuters, a local council has a duty of care to ensure a peaceful environment.

A noisy project in the middle of a town centre can have several harmful effects for a local authority and the contractor undertaking the works:

- Complaints if the works noise is too loud which in turn may lead to a stoppage in works

- Impact on footfall into shops if the noise is putting off the public

- Restricted operating times leading to more days worth of disruption

- Higher costs due to more days of paying wages

- Health implications of noise on stress levels and heart health for local residents and employees

In some countries, the local authority can set restrictions on a contractor to adopt whatever solutions can be found in order to mitigate the noise coming from a construction site.

This where the Echo Barrier range of noise control products offers both the local authority and the contractor a practical solution.

Erecting barriers around a site can reduce the noise nuisance felt by the local community. They also give contractors and local authorities a safe, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing method for getting the job done quicker, by enabling them to work longer hours.